Impact34 CEO, Bettına Kuperman and Ferman Akgül to speak at Ankara Marka Festivali

Ankara Marka Festivali is one of Turkey's most prominent brand and marketing conferences. It attracts business leaders and experts from various industries to speak about and discuss the latest trends in marketing. 

Bettina Kuperman and Ferman Akgül will give a presentation with the headline: "How to make 15 minutes of fame last a lifetime" - building a brand in the highly competitive and ever-changing music and entertainment industry.

The music industry has undergone a tremendous change in the past years and artists and bands are facing increased competition, a breakdown of traditional sales and marketing methods and a profound change in consumer behaviour. 

For many artists and marketing managers this change came as a shock and destroyed promising careers as they were unable to adapt to the new reality. 

Through the cases of maNga and Ferman Akgül, this presentation seeks to answer the qustions of how to build a strong and long lasting brand in the music industry. 

Ankara Marka Festivali will take place from the 14-16th of December in Congresium in Ankara. For more information:


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