06Records is a record label, located in Istanbul and founded by award winning Turkish artist, Ferman Akgül. Our label is founded on a passion for creating music and developing successful artists. 06 Records is focused on finding and developing new artists in Turkey especially within the rock, pop and electronic music genres. 

Ferman Akgul started his music career in the underground music scene in Ankara. It is these early days that has inspired the name 06 Records (06 is the city code for Ankara). As the lead singer of one of Turkey's most successful rock bands, maNga, Ferman has toured extensively in Turkey and around the world. Through his TV program Kulaktan Kulaga he travels Turkey and discovers local music culture and talents. The inspiration for 06 Records comes from his travels and a deep belief in the undiscovered sounds of Turkey.

06 Records is about the artist.

Ferman Akgul: "I have been working in the Turkish and international music industry for more than 15 years as a singer and song writer. There is a greater need for record labels and artist management companies that truly understand and work for the benefit of the artist. Turkey has a vast pool of undiscovered and talented musicians. We need to have more courage to develop new and different artists and promote not only songs and videos but visions and movements. This is the artist's label."   

06 Records has teamed up with Istanbul based communication and management agency Impact34. 06 Records and Impact34 will offer full package services for signed artists.   

Services will include;

  • Talent discovery and album publishing
  • Rights management
  • Producing
  • Recording
  • Artist and business management
  • Brand development
  • PR and media management
  • Digital and social media
  • Sponsorship

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