Ferman Akgül's Album Release Party – a special night to remember



Ferman Akgül's Album Release Party a special night to remember


Last night Ferman Akgül hosted his album launch party at the Istanbul Marriott Hotel Sisli. Ferman performed songs from his new album for the first time to his friends from the music and entertainment industry and the Turkish music media.


The event was attended by famous Turkish artists Göksel, Aslı Gökyokuş, Aydilge, Pascal Nouma, Birol Namoğlu and entertainment industry legends Murat Cemcir, Ahmet Kural, İzzet Öz, Ömer Faruk Sorak.


Ferman Akgül: "This was a very special night for me. I have worked hard for the past 1,5 year to finalise my solo album and it was a great honour to get to perform it to such an important and knowledgeable audience."


The launch event was hosted by Ferman's own label, 06 Records and supported by Casio G-Shock, Istanbul Marriott Hotel Sisli and 8 Event Teknik Çözümler.


The first single from Ferman's solo album "Yürüyorum Içimde" will be released on the 17th of March and the full album will be available on all digital platforms and in stores around Turkey on the 24th of March. The album is released by EMI-Universal Turkey in collaboration with 06 Records.


Management and Media inquiries:


Bettina Kuperman EMAIL: [email protected]


Alper Akgül TEL: 0533 285 59 08 EMAIL: [email protected]


About the Album

The album was produced parts in the Netherlands at the Whitehouse studio and parts in maNga's studio stüdyoN  in Istanbul. As a part of the mission statement for 06 Records, Ferman has been working with young up- and coming talents in music, production and design, Ufuk Özcan, Sertan İpek, Egemen Özkasnaklı and Murat Baktiroglu, on creating the album and the art work.   The mix mastering was done by Aziz Berk Erten and Sterling Sound's Steve Fallone. The album photography was captured by renowned Turkish photographer Ahmet Erdem. The album is released by EMI-Universal Turkey in collaboration with 06 Records.


MTV award winning frontman for rock band maNga, singer/songwriter, producer, director, actor and TV host.  Ferman is one of Turkey's leading artists with a career that counts major hits both nationally and internationally and success that goes beyond music. 

Born in 1979 in Ankara, Turkey, Ferman Akgül lead singer and songwriter for legendary Turkish rock band maNga. Ferman Akgül's many talents have made him one of Turkey's most diverse artists. Ferman's educational background is architecture and cinematography, a skill that have made him a successful video director and arts commentator. He has produced and hosted three seasons of his own music show on Turkish State TV, TRT, and most recently starred in a leading role in the musical version of the classic story "The Little Prince".  Ferman was the presenter of Algida's "Aslan Max Fun Factory" on Cartoon Network.  The show's soundtrack was written and produced by maNga. Ferman became a published writer with the release of his first collection of short stories in the fantasy/mystery genre, "Osmanlı Cadısı Tırnova". 


 In 2016 Ferman branched out and released his first major solo music project with hit songs "Istemem Söz Sevmeni" and "Dırdır" featuring famous French football player, Pascal Nouma. The same year Ferman opened his own record label "06 Records". Ferman's first solo album was released in March 2017. 



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